Vinegar Pie

Vinegar Pie
Vinegar Pie


Vinegar Pie

Vinegar Pie

This ride from Johnson City to Clinch Mountain is sweeter than it sounds—just like the Lookout Restaurant’s vinegar pie, which you can try during your ride. Ride on the trails blazed by Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, and journey through some of East Tennessee’s oldest communities. If the vinegar pie leaves you hungry, don’t worry—you can feast your eyes on a panoramic view of Cherokee Lake and the foothills of the Smoky Mountains!


  1. Turn right at light 11E S 250, ft
  2. Turn right on I-26 W/ US 23 N, 3 mi
  3. Turn right on Exit 17
  4. Turn left on TN 354 S / Boones Creek Rd., 6.2 mi
  5. Turn right on US 11E S, 50.8 mi
  6. Turn right on US 25E N, 16 mi
  7. Turn left on Lookout Mountain Rd. / Old Mountain Rd.
  8. Turn right on Clinch Mountain Restaurant
  9. “Home Of Vinegar Pie”
  10. Turn right on US 25E S, 0.1 mi
  11. Turn right on Veterans Memorial Lookout
  12. Turn right on US 25E S, 7.1 mi
  13. Turn right on US 11W N/Rogersville exit, 42.5 mi
  14. Turn right on Netherland Inn Rd., 2 mi
  15. Turn right on Ridgefields Rd., 0.1 mi
  16. Turn left on Riverport Rd., 2.5 mi
  17. Turn left on Exit to S Wilcox Dr.
  18. Turn right on Wilcox Dr., 1.7 mi
  19. Turn left on TN 93 N, 2.6 m
  20. Turn right on TN 36 S, 14.5 mi



  1. The Lollipop Shop – Visit yesteryear today in an old-fashioned candy store
  2. Main Street Café & Catering – Great, fresh food since 1982
  3. Andrew Johnson Birthplace – Learn more about our 17th president
  4. Clinch Mountain Lookout Restaurant – Try a slice of the classic vinegar pie
  5. xCherokee Lake – Stretch your legs and cool off with a swim
  6. Riverfront Seafood Restaurant – Enjoy delicious food along the beautiful riverfront
  7. Historic Netherland Inn – Soak up some history
  8. Fort Patrick Henry Dam – Enjoy the impressive structure and watch the water flow
  9. Gray Fossil Site – Take a prehistoric adventure
  10. Jonesborough Repertory Theater – Have an evening out at the theater
  11. Amis Mill Eatery – Refuel with something tasty