Long Dam Ride

Long Dam Ride
Long Dam Ride


Long Dam Ride

Long Dam Ride

It’s no secret; the geography and landscape of Northeast Tennessee wouldn’t be the same without several man-made lakes. Although these lakes have been forged by man, they’ve been embraced and fostered by nature to perfectly accent the natural beauty of the region. This tour takes you through rugged gorges and past rocky cliffs, mountain streams, tranquil lakes, unique vistas, spectacular formations, and miles of roller-coaster dips, curves, and rural charm.


  1. Turn right at light 11E S, 250 ft
  2. Turn right on I-26 W/ US 23 N, 6.6 mi
  3. Turn right on Exit 13
  4. Turn right on TN 75 N, 3.7 mi
  5. Turn right on Boone Dam Rd., 0.8 mi
  6. Turn right on Boone Dam
  7. Turn left on Boone Dam Rd., 0.8 mi
  8. Turn right on TN 75 N, 8.4 mi
  9. Turn right on TN 126 E, 0.6 mi
  10. Turn right on TN 394 E, 12 mi
  11. Turn right on US 421 S, 2.9 mi
  12. Turn right on Emmett Rd., 0.5 mi
  13. Turn right Bear to Emmett Rd., 0.5 mi
  14. Continue straight on Holston View Rd., 0.6 mi
  15. Turn left on Weir Dam
  16. Turn left on Holston View Rd., 1.1 mi
  17. Turn right on Holston Dam Rd., 1.2 mi
  18. Turn right on South Holston Dam
  19. Turn left on Holston Dam Rd., 3.6 mi
  20. Continue straight on Emmett Rd., 0.6 mi
  21. Turn right on US 421 S, 15.3 mi
  22. Shady Valley Country Store
  23. Continue straight on US 421 S, 10.9 mi
  24. Turn right on TN 67 W, 18.5 mi
  25. Continue straight on TN 67 W / US 321 N, 9.6 mi
  26. Turn right on US 19E N / US 321 N, 4.6 mi
  27. Turn right on Siam Rd., 3.4 mi
  28. Turn left on Wilbur Dam Rd., 0.6 mi
  29. Turn right on Wilbur Dam Rd. /Visitors Center, 4.9 mi
  30. Turn left on Wilbur Dam Rd., 5.0 mi
  31. Continue straight on Steel Bridge Rd., 0.8 mi
  32. Continue straight on Blue Springs Rd., 0.9 mi
  33. Turn left on TN 91 S / Stoney Creek Rd,. 2.9 mi
  34. Turn right on US 19E N, 8.6 mi
  35. Turn left on US 11E S / US 19W S, 9.4 mi



  1. Pal’s Sudden Service – Satisfy your tastebuds with some Frenchie Fries and a sweet, refreshing Peachy Tea
  2. Rocky Mount – Experience the Living History Museum
  3. Bristol Motor Speedway – Have an adrenaline-pumping good time
  4. Shady Valley Country Store – A delicious deli with local souvenirs available
  5. Wilbur Dam – Enjoy the impressive structure of the second-oldest TVA dam and watch the water flow
  6. Doe River Covered Bridge – Appreciate regional history and relax
  7. Jiggy Rays – Have a tasty slice at Elizabethton’s #1 Pizza & Salad Bar