Places of the Past

Places of the Past
Places of the Past


Places of the Past

Places of the Past

Take in sweeping pastures and twist the throttle as you race around curves and tight switchbacks on this journey into the past to discover Northeast Tennessee’s epic history. From the volunteers who saved the American Revolution, to the homes of legendary pioneers, statesmen, and even a U.S. President, this region is rich in memories of the past. Venture down cobblestone streets to the birthplace of Davy Crockett, past extraordinary museums, and even to a farm preserved since 1791.


  1. Turn right at light 11E S, 250ft
  2. Turn right onto I-26 W / US 23 N, 3.1 mi
  3. Exit right at Exit 17 then turn left onto TN 354 S
  4. Boones Creek Rd., 6.3 mi
  5. Continue straight on Boone St., 0.4 mi
  6. Turn right on Main St. / Old Tennessee 34, 0.7 mi
  7. Turn right on Persimmon Ridge Rd., 1.1 mi
  8. Turn left on US 11E S / US 321 S, 18.9 mi
  9. Turn left on US 11E S Business / Tusculum Blvd., 2.5 mi
  10. Turn left on College St., 0.3 mi
  11. Turn right on Andrew Johnson Site
  12. Turn right on E. Depot St., 0.1 mi
  13. Turn right on N. Main St., 1.2 mi
  14. Turn right on US 11E N / US 321 N, 11.2 mi
  15. Turn right on Heritage Rd. S / Old State Rt 34, 1.2 mi
  16. Turn right on Davy Crockett Rd., 1.2 mi
  17. Turn right on Davy Crockett Park Rd., 0.9 mi
  18. Davy Crockett Birthplace Park
  19. Turn right on Charles Johnson Rd., 0.2 mi
  20. Turn right on Davy Crockett Park Rd., 1.2 mi
  21. Turn right on Chuckey Hwy., 0.5 mi
  22. Turn right on US 11E N / US 321 N, 12 mi
  23. Turn left on TN 354 N /Boones Creek Rd., 6.1 mi
  24. Turn right on I-26 E / US 23 S, 3.0 mi
  25. Exit 20, Roan St.



  1. Downtown Jonesborough – Explore Tennessee’s first town
  2. Main Street Café & Catering – Great, fresh food since 1982
  3. Davy Crockett Birthplace – Learn about the King of the Wild Frontier
  4. Boone Street Market – Find locally-sourced treats and flavors
  5. Andrew Johnson’s Homestead – Learn the rich history of our 17th president
  6. Peggy Ann Bakery – Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delightful local pastry