Howling Wolves, Stars and History

Howling Wolves, Stars and History
Howling Wolves, Stars and History


Howling Wolves, Stars and History

Howling Wolves, Stars and History

Whether you’re traveling with the pack, or howling up the road as a lone wolf, this ride holds a destination well worth the visit. Just a few twists of the throttle will take you to a land isolated from noise and urban life—a land where deer, wild turkeys, and otters thrive alongside owls, beavers, and falcons as the waters of the mountain lake ripple and glistens in the sun. When you hear the call of this land’s noisiest inhabitants—the wolves—you’ll know you’ve reached Bays Mountain Park.


  1. Turn right at light 11E S, 250 ft
  2. Turn right on I-26 W/ US 23 N, 15.5 mi
  3. Turn right on Exit 4
  4. Turn right on TN 93 N, 4.2 mi
  5. Turn right on Orebank Rd., 1.1 mi
  6. Turn right on Exchange Place
  7. Turn left on Orebank Rd., 1.2 mi
  8. Turn left on TN 93 S, 2.1 mi
  9. Turn right on Lincoln St. (sign receiving/research), 1.6 mi
  10. Turn left on TN 126 W. / Wilcox Dr., 0.3 mi
  11. Turn right on TN 355 N / Industry Dr., 2.0 mi
  12. Bear left to Netherland Inn Rd., 0.9 mi
  13. Turn right to Netherland Inn
  14. Turn left on Netherland Inn Rd., 0.9 mi
  15. Bear right to TN 355 S / Industry Dr., 2.0 mi
  16. Turn right on TN 126 W / Wilcox Dr., 1.7 mi
  17. Turn right on Meadowview Pkwy., 0.8 mi
  18. Continue straight to Reservoir Rd., 1.9 mi
  19. Turn right on Bays Mountain Rd., 0.2 mi
  20. Turn left on Bays Mountain
  21. Turn right on Bays Mountain Rd., 0.2 mi
  22. Turn left on Reservoir Rd., 2.0 mi
  23. Continue straight to Meadowview Pkwy., 0.2 mi
  24. Turn right on I-26 E / 23 S, 16.3 mi
  25. Turn right on Exit 20, Roan St.



  1. Pal’s Sudden Service – Satisfy your tastebuds with some Frenchie Fries and a sweet, refreshing Peachy Tea
  2. The Gift Box – Find the perfect souvenir
  3. Gray Fossil Site – Take a prehistoric adventure
  4. Bays Mountain Park – Get back to nature
  5. Riverfront Seafood Restaurant – Enjoy delicious food along the beautiful riverfront
  6. Our House Restaurant – Get a taste of traditional, southern comfort cuisine